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4 Wall Decals That Will Transform Your Wall This Holiday Season

From hand-painted designs to classic prints, here's a look at our top picks for transforming your walls.

Looking for a way to transform your walls this holiday season? Look no further than our handpainted wall decals from Polka Prints! Our decals are made in Australia and can be customized to match any color scheme or style. With our wide range of designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect decal for any nursery, bedroom, or living space.

In this article, we'll cover the most popular wall decals that are sure to make a statement this holiday season. From hand-painted designs to classic prints, here's a look at our top picks for transforming your walls.

Get ready for the holiday season

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Life Is The Bubbles Wall Decal

We know you love the ocean, so why not bring a little bit of it into your home? The Life is the Bubbles wall decal is an original piece of art that will turn your walls into a celebration of sea life. Whether you choose to buy the small pack or large pack, you'll be preparing to dive into a marine world of vibrant colors, exciting shapes, and styles.

Not only will you get some beautiful depictions of whales, octopuses, sea turtles, and starfish in your set – but also shells, plants, and other fascinating pieces of sea life!

African Animals Wall Decal

Do you want to bring a little bit of the African savanna into your home? Look no further than our sensational African Animals wall decal! This decal features realistic-looking illustrations of different African animals, including a lion, rhinoceros, zebra, elephant, and giraffe. Together, they bring life and excitement to your room's design!

Give your space a unique dimension by displaying these exotic African animals today. Let our African Animals wall decal help you bring alive the sounds of the savanna - all without having to leave your house!

Space Wall Decal

Bring a little bit of the galaxy right into your home with our amazing Space wall decals! Reminiscent of childhood dreams; these decals bring life and enlightening joy to any room. Let's break it down!

This incredible pack includes everything from UFOs to astronauts—2 Rockets, 2 Milkyways, 4 Asteroids, 1 UFO, 2 Satellites, 1 Shooting Star, and 9 Stars. A full selection is ready for you to explore different creative combinations, creating a stunning display.

Large Rainbow Wall Decal

Bring a burst of joy and color to your walls with this beautiful Large Rainbow Wall Decal! The rainbow design is available in eye-catching red, blue, green, and amber. Easily peel, stick, and reapply the decal as often as you'd like.

This Large Rainbow Wall Decal is sure to brighten up your home and create a cheerful atmosphere all year round that your family will love! Get ready to fall in love with this enchanting decal today.

Large Rainbow Wall Decal

Create Your Own Decal This Holiday Season

Did you know you can upload your own photo and create your own amazing decal? With this option, you can customize the size and color of any design to match exactly what you're looking for. Our hand-painted wall decals are made with high-quality materials to ensure they last and look beautiful each time.

Whether it's a family portrait or an inspirational quote that speaks to you, take your wall decor to the next level and customize any design with our submit-your-own photo option.